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Destiny 2 now free on the Blizzard app

Destiny 2 is now free on the Blizzard App till November the 18th. This means you can claim the game in Blizzard App and keep it forever. Note that this is the base game an no additional DLC is included but available for purchase.

It’s a great game and you will be loosing out if you do not act on this free give away from Blizzard.


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Destiny 2 – Trial weekend and my thoughts

Destiny 2 was free to play this weekend with about an hour’s worth of allowed single player campaigning and some multiplayer access to give gamers a chance to try the game. In the video I show you what Destiny 2 looks like and show off some multiplayer game play.

In short, Destiny 2 is a great game. I have not enjoyed a single player game this much since Crysis 3. Below are some of the pros and cons. My opinion of course and you might have different views.


  • It looks incredible, down right sexy
  • Game play is smooth and I have not had any issues with regards to lag or frame rate drops. Keep in mind I used the vanilla settings and did not bother to go balls out on the graphics.
  • Single player looks very promising. Great looking guns and enemies. Sometimes challenging.
  • Multiplayer was smoo...
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