World War 3 – Early Access releases today

world war 3 game logo

We’ve been super excited about World War 3 from The Farm 51 (creators of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation)

Today is the day as they say. World War 3 is being released on Steam as an early access game with confirmed servers in South Africa. For a price tag of only $28 compared to what Battlefield 5 is going for it really is a no brainer.

The game unlocks at around 18:00/19:00 (South Africa) and the download is around 30GB of what I could find. We will be doing a live stream tonight to showcase some game play and get to grips on the mechanics of the game. Heads up however, you will need to have a pretty good CPU and at least 16GB of RAM as well as 8GB of VRAM on your GPU as per several posts on the discussion forums. Keeping in mind that the game is in early access an a lot of optimisation still needs to be done, one of which a patch for the VRAM issue is said to be released with the game when it goes live.

Sadly there is no Linux support for the game at this stage and I could not find any information with regards to any plans for a native Linux release.

For more information visit the developers website and the steam page as linked above.

We will have a first impressions video up this weekend.

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