Get 3 free games from Ubisoft

It’s Happy Play Days at Ubisoft and you have till Saturday 23 December to get your hands on Assassins Creed Black Flag, Watchdogs and World in Conflict for free from Ubisoft.

What an awesome Christmas present! Thanks to Ubisoft for being so generous as I’m sure loads of gamers will be ecstatic to get their hands on 3 free games. Best of all, the games will permanently stay in your uplay client.

If you do not have the uplay client installed then click here.

To get all three games, click on this link and then scroll down a bit. Click on the game that you want, this will open that particular game’s page where you can add it to your uplay library. (click on Register for PC).

Install all 3 games from your uplay library and have fun playing!

I personally have not played any of these 3 games and will be trying them out this holiday season.

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