Destiny 2 – Trial weekend and my thoughts

Destiny 2 was free to play this weekend with about an hour’s worth of allowed single player campaigning and some multiplayer access to give gamers a chance to try the game. In the video I show you what Destiny 2 looks like and show off some multiplayer game play.

In short, Destiny 2 is a great game. I have not enjoyed a single player game this much since Crysis 3. Below are some of the pros and cons. My opinion of course and you might have different views.


  • It looks incredible, down right sexy
  • Game play is smooth and I have not had any issues with regards to lag or frame rate drops. Keep in mind I used the vanilla settings and did not bother to go balls out on the graphics.
  • Single player looks very promising. Great looking guns and enemies. Sometimes challenging.
  • Multiplayer was smooth and hit registration felt spot on. I did not feel cheated by shooting an enemy and no damage is takes as some other titles out there.
  • Upgrading your character is possible. How far you can take it, I don’t know as I played the trial but it seems promising.
  • Space ships and cool looking suits!
  • You can choose to play one of 3 characters. You are not bound to playing one character.
  • Your weapons and armour carries over to multiplayer matches. Quite nice if you grind and level in single player. You also unlock gear by playing multiplayer as you’d expect.
  • You can squad up with 3 friends for multiplayer.


  • Match making lobby system
  • You wait forever to find a game. I would have expected to find a game quicker (alas “quick play” option) as it was a free trial weekend.
  • That price. I’d gladly pay the full price if I know I’d be playing for more than a year but personally can’t see myself playing the game for more than a month or two after finishing the single player campaign.
  • DLC’s – season pass – I’ll give that a skip thanks.

More info in the video and feel free to let me know if you are playing Destiny 2 regularly and what your thoughts are on the game.

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